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If you have important marital assets, you need an experienced attorney from the time you even consider a divorce until everything has been finalized. Pingelton Law Firm has been counseling clients for three decades to put them in the best position possible if a divorce is imminent. These can be worrisome times. Put your trust in an attorney who has helped hundreds of Missourians navigate what is sometimes a legal minefield.

Dan Pingelton understands what courts can and cannot do; and what they will do when complex issues are brought before the family court judge. Most importantly, he knows how to present your case to the court to obtain the best result possible for you.

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We Take Special Care When Children Are Involved

If you have a child, you need an attorney with a unique understanding of how to do what’s best for your child in the family court system. Sometimes it’s not what you think. Sometimes it’s more than you think. Sometimes you need the educated and trusted advice of someone who has saved hundreds of other parents from bad decisions about their children. And in the rare event it happens, you need an attorney who will protect your child from a bad decision by a guardian ad litem, or even a judge. Dan Pingelton has done that, many times. Here is an example where Mr. Pingelton prevailed in an appellate court

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