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Pingelton Law Firm was founded by attorney Dan Pingelton to protect clients’ rights in the face of negligence and injustice. Since 1985, he has provided high-quality legal representation for Missouri residents and consulted on cases nationwide. His long record of success over the past 35 years is rooted in his integrity and experience.

Pingelton Law Firm is a boutique law firm that delivers tailored legal guidance and straightforward, one-on-one client attention. From state to federal courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court, Mr. Pingelton represents those needing help for family conflicts, illness and injuries, special education and criminal charges.

Practice Areas

Family Law
Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
Special Education Law
Medical Malpractice

Prepared For The Most Difficult Cases

The Pingelton Law Firm​ focuses on fewer cases in order to provide high-quality client care and solve specialized problems. From complex divorce cases with unique problems to injustice in the education system or federal criminal charges, Mr. Pingelton is highly experienced and has an impressive winning record.

Immediate intervention is a key factor in Pingelton Law Firm’s success. Many personal conflicts can be resolved with early action and skilled legal involvement. Mr. Pingelton’s assertive approach means he is always ready to fight for his clients’ best interests, whether they choose to negotiate a settlement or take their case to trial.

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