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Family Law

Dan Pingelton takes a special interest in family law cases. If you have an important matter, talk to a serious, experienced attorney who has a proven track record of winning cases...

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Personal Injury

With over 30 years of experience, Dan Pingelton will work diligently to protect your rights if you are seeking a car accident attorney...

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Education Law

Pingelton Law Firm represents clients in two different types of education law: Special Education (IDEA); and General Education...

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Columbia Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney

For more than thirty years, Pingelton Law Firm has provided high quality legal services to people throughout Missouri. Centrally located in Columbia, Missouri, the firm has also consulted for people around the nation on cases in which we have acquired unique knowledge.

Focused Practice. As a smaller, focused law firm, we concentrate our practice in the following areas: Family Law, Personal Injury, Felony Criminal Defense, and Education Law. Our principal attorney, Dan Pingelton, is licensed in all Missouri state and federal courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court. In addition to clients seeking him out directly, Mr. Pingelton receives referrals from other attorneys throughout Missouri who have clients needing help in these sub-specialties:

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Experience. Throughout a career spanning more than thirty years, Mr. Pingelton has had a wide variety of legal accomplishments throughout Missouri. He prevailed in one of the last paternity jury trials in Missouri. (The Missouri legislature has since abolished jury trials in parentage cases.) He won the last “alienation of affections” case in mid-Missouri, obtaining a jury verdict for both actual and punitive damages in Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri. (“Alienation of affections” was a venerable claim in Missouri, allowing a person to sue someone for stealing their spouse’s affections. The Missouri Supreme Court has since abolished this type of lawsuit, believing it had become morally outdated.) Dan Pingelton has an excellent record of winning cases throughout Missouri. Take a look at other unique accomplishments in each of our areas of practice, below.

Personal Injury. Mr. Pingelton created Missouri law in 2000 when he won an appellate decision establishing the right to sue for injuries caused by a sexually transmitted disease. M.D. v J.J. decision. Since that case, hundreds of people have sought his advice and representation. Mr. Pingelton has won other cases for injured people, including wrongful death, serious burns, fraud, and many traumatic injuries from automobile accidents.

Family Law. On the Family Law front, Mr. Pingelton established Missouri precedent that a special type of order (called a “QDRO”) can be used to collect past-due child support and maintenance. Baird decision Mr. Pingelton has shared advice with hundreds of others, including other attorneys as well as clients, on how to use this process to collect important support. Please click on our Family Law page to review detailed information. There are only a few mid-Missouri attorneys who have “seen it all” in family law, and Dan Pingelton is one of them.

Criminal Defense. Mr. Pingelton continues to offer specialized criminal defense for certain types of cases in state and federal courts, focusing especially on defending serious felony cases. Examples include fraud, Internet crime, white-collar crime and felony drug charges. For some misdemeanor cases, he often refers matters to other counsel who he knows possess excellent standards of quality as well.

Education Law. When he served as an administrative hearing officer, Mr. Pingelton was the first Missouri attorney to have one of his written decisions chosen for publication in the Individuals with Disabilities Law Reporter. For the past fifteen years he has represented parents of students with disabilities in various matters against recalcitrant school districts, including “due process” hearings and “Section 504” complaints.

Focusing in mid-Missouri. We represent people primarily in mid-Missouri, including the cities of Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, Moberly and Boonville. We regularly practice in the counties of Boone, Cole, Callaway, Randolph and Cooper. For specialized requests or complex matters for which we can bring our unique skill set, Mr. Pingelton travels throughout Missouri. He has appeared in over 50 counties. He has argued and won cases in all three of Missouri’s higher appellate courts: The Western District in Kansas City; the Eastern District in St. Louis; and the Southern District in Springfield. He has argued and won cases in the Missouri Supreme Court. He has won cases in the United States District Court, and is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Regardless of where you live, call us. If your situation requires our specialized knowledge, we will go anywhere, sometimes associating with local counsel. We also offer referrals to local attorneys if your case does not require our unique skills, as this will often save you money.

Immediate Intervention. Many legal problems can be ameliorated with early intervention. If you have a question or suspect you may need an attorney, do not wait for things to get worse. Call us right away. Dan Pingelton will recognize quickly if your problem requires fast intervention to preserve your rights; or reduce any problems that may otherwise come your way.

Family Law example: A client contacted us early in her divorce about wanting to relocate with her children to another state. This is often very difficult to do in many cases. But because this client contacted us early, we discovered critical information, and designed a specific plan that resulted in her being able to move to another state with her three children. This would not have been possible had she not contacted us early.

Criminal Law example: A client contacted us after he had been asked to appear at the police station for questioning. Even before he hired us, we told him to make no statements to anyone. After investigating the matter, we then accompanied him to the police station. Through a carefully crafted dialogue with law enforcement, and the prosecutor’s office, no charges were ever filed.

Personal Attention. Pingelton Law Firm is a high quality, fewer case number law firm that concentrates on individualized representation.

Many of our clients with specialized problems are referred from other attorneys: unique family law problems, special education issues, STD cases, and complex support matters. We also welcome anyone who has a question or problem about anything at all. Your first consultation with us is always free. Call us. We will help you obtain the best result possible.

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