Retirement Assets

For many people, retirement assets constitute the most valuable pieces of marital property. This is a complex area of the law that absolutely requires specialized knowledge and skill. Most people are familiar with IRAs, pensions, and profit-sharing plans. But consider other assets such as FERS, CSRS and TSPs for federal employees. USFSPA for military personnel. Tier I and II under the RRA for railroad employees. MOSERS, LAGERS and PEBSCO for Missouri state employees. Teachers have a special PSRS that supplants social security and is purportedly not subject to further division.

More people have heard of QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders). Are they necessary for all retirement assets? No. Only for assets subject to ERISA provisions.

Dan Pingelton made Missouri law when he won a case involving the use of a special QDRO to enforcement delinquent child support and maintenance. He understands these orders, inside and out.

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